Started a blog today

My wife Samantha recently started a blog about the various craft projects she makes ( so I thought I would start a blog as well. I wanted to blog about something that I enjoy but also something that has not already been done to death, so I settled on Texas wine and winery reviews. Texas Wine Blog is up and running as of this afternoon, though I haven't done much other than gotten the layout started and my first review post.

Let me know what you think!
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bi-annual LJ update

I haven't posted in a while but here's what's new My wonderful wife and I got married (finally) after 7 years of being together on New Year's Eve. We had greek food catered, and she did most of the awesome details like the table centerpieces, color scheme, etc (black white and silver) as well as making sure we hand plenty of new year's fun stuff like hats, tiaras, noisemakers, etc. It was basically a quick ceremony with great food and then partying until 2am. We got two bartenders and between my father and I we spent about $1500 on booze for 50 people, which is AWESOME because I have a full bar at my house now in booze from the leftovers.

We didn't go on a honeymoon, as she's a teacher and was at the tail-end of her winter break. We are going to New Mexico the end of March, to the Taos/Red River area (absolutely beautiful). We want to find a cabin-style house to rent for the week and get nice and coz, and go wander around during the day, do some hiking on some trails and see the beautiful mountains, mesas, the river and probably do some snowmobiling.

At work we started a Biggest Loser contest 2 Mondays ago. Anyone that knows me knows that I am very competitive and do not like to lose, so needless to say in less than 2 weeks I am down 15+lbs. I have been doing high intensity cardio for an hour+ every night at the gym and have been on a pretty much vegetarian diet. No meat, dairy, lots of veggies. I can only imagine how much weight I will have lost come April when the contest ends, if I keep this up full force!

I am up for my 2 year review at work on February 11th. I can't wait, I know I have really worked hard in the last 6 months and my supervisors have seen that, so crossing my fingers for a good raise. I don't think i'm ready for the promotion to Level III administrator yet, but some money thrown in my direction will get me through another 6 months so I can learn more and get more involved in the critical operations around the Gator.

I'll try to post more, I promise :)