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eonblue21's Journal

4 August 1981
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26 year OLD linux sysadmin currently living in NW Houston... i'm quite random with an odd sense of humor and have my own set of beliefs and thoughts that some may find offensive... i am not one to mince words or pull punches, deal with it :)
311, afi, agony scene, aic, amd, anthrax, apc, athf, atreyu, audioslave, badly drawn boy, bagoogly, beastie boys, beer, ben folds, better than ezra, billy idol, biohazard, bleeding through, blindside, bloodhound gang, bsd, candlebox, chevelle, cold, colour clear, counting crows, crossbreed, dandy warhols, david bowie, deftones, deicide, depeche mode, derringer, disturbed, doors, dope, dream theater, drums, duran duran, emery, everclear, faith no more, faithless, fear factory, flaming lips, flaw, franz ferdinand, glassjaw, godsmack, gorillaz, greenday, grinspoon, guns n roses, hatebreed, hedpe, helmet, henry rollins, hives, hoobastank, hypnogaja, ill nino, in flames, incubus, iniquity, injected, inxs, jagermeister, jerry cantrell, jimi hendrix, jimmies chicken shack, john sparrow, kicking harold, killers, led zeppelin, linux, live, local h, lostprophets, marilyn manson, mars volta, medication, megadeth, melvins, metallica, ministry, mlwttkk, moody blues, morrissey, mudvayne, mushroomhead, nadasurf, neil young, nin, nofx, norther, oasis, offspring, pantera, paris green, pearl jam, pennywise, pink floyd, placebo, pm5k, poe, radiohead, rammstein, ratm, rem, rhcp, rollins band, santana, seether, self, sevendust, smiths, soad, social distortion, soilwork, spineshank, sponge, spoon, static lullaby, static x, stp, stutterfly, sublime, sworn enemy, systematic, tantric, taproot, the cure, the urge, the yards, three days grace, thursday, tool, velvet revolver, vines, violent femmes, weezer, white stripes, white zombie